Automatic trading of Cryptocurrency.

Automatic trading of Cryptocurrency.

Hello. Here are some of the strongest investment methods I’m currently doing. You can actually make automatic transactions with the app based on exchanges such as BINANCE, which are widely used all over the world, so please try it. When investing, it is always a good idea to repeat a small investment of about $ 10 and a test, and if it is actually successful, try inserting live ammunition.

Automatic trading by grid trading

PIONEX (BOT available exchange)

Register with PIONEX, and after depositing, press Create Grid Transaction on the screen below (pictured below). If you do not know how to deposit, please refer to the explanation separately. If you are still unsure, please ask a question or comment.

You can operate it with the bar where the investment amount is 0-100%, so just press CREATE after the operation (pictured below). If the amount is insufficient, the optimum amount will be displayed. Both pairs require the same amount of currency.
With the above, grid trading of each pair starts, and the result is confirmed on MYBOT.
The results of my transaction are listed here.

2.BITUNIVERSE (BOT usable app)

I think that virtual currencies are traded on various exchanges, but you can manage them collectively by installing this application. Moreover, it is very useful because you can also create grid bots for each exchange.

how to use

1.Register with BITUNIERSE DL the app.

2.Get the API of each exchange

Get the API from your exchange. When creating the API, you can set READ ONLY (read only), ENABLE TRADEING (tradable), ENABLE WITHDRAW (withdrawable), so if you only want to manage funds, READ ONLY, if you want to automatically trade with BOT, ENABLE TRADEING and ENABLE WITH DRAW are not recommended as they may be stolen.

3.Enter the exchange API

Press the + button (pictured below) at the top right of the screen, select the exchange where you want to enter the API, and enter the API key. If the API input is correct, the portfolio screen will display the currency type and total asset amount.

4.Create a BOT

Press TRADE at the bottom of the screen, select the exchange and currency pair with API settings on the BOT tab, and press CREATE BOT displayed below.

Press the orange CREATE to go to the BOT execution screen, and press Create to create the BOT and start automatic trading.


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