About BITDAO (MISO) purchase method and Dutch auction


Good evening, this is Hiroshi. The 2021 cryptocurrency market was once booming, and it was whispered that the bubble was over, but it has risen again.

As cryptocurrencies rise, opportunities will soon come to minor currencies. To take advantage of this opportunity, I would like to write about the BITDAO pre-sale that will be on sale in the future.



BITDAO has already raised more than 20 billion yen and is a project fully supported by BYBIT, a major overseas exchange in Japan.

BYBIT is the 4th largest derivative exchange in COINMARKETCAP. The display method of the trading screen is very simple, and it is a very easy-to-use exchange for those who trade leverage with virtual currency. We hold various rewards and campaigns according to each season, so it is better to open an account early.

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BITDAO is very likely to be listed on BYBIT in the future,so open an account now.

Click here to open a BYBIT account

About Dutch auction method (DUTCH AUCTION)

This BIT DAO seems to be held by the Dutch auction method. In a normal auction, the price gradually rises from the starting price, but on the contrary, the Dutch auction is also called the Dutch auction method, which is an auction method that starts from a high price and gradually decreases. The starting price is $ 2 and it seems that the first 10% buyer will get a 40% airdrop. The next 10% will receive 35.6%, 31.1%, 26.7% and an overall average of 20% airdrops. We don’t know the ratio of the rate of price decline to the rate of decline in airdrops, but buying at the starting price of $ 2 may be enough to benefit.

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Sales exchanges

BITDAO seems to be sold on SUSHI SWAP’s MISO decentralized exchange. Please fly from this link.

Since MISO is a decentralized exchange, you can purchase by connecting a wallet such as MetaMask.

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About connection procedure of MISO and wallet

Procedure for connecting a wallet such as MetaMask to MISO

1. Open MISO https://miso.sushi.com

2. Open Connect in the upper right

3. Open settings

4. Open WalletConnect

5. Open New Connection

6. Scan the QR code

Purchase procedure

Summarize the purchase procedure

1. Prepare ETH and send money to a wallet such as MetaMask

2.8 / 16 Wait 20 minutes before 22:00 (UTC+9)

3. Go to the MISO site and connect MetaMask

4. Put the quantity to buy in time

5. When LISTING is displayed, CLIM and receive